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A lot of luxury homes in China are a total ostentatious display of power & wealth. They are like mausoleums where no one can live in them. This 3-storey 4,700 square-foot house built in Jiangsu China called “Golden Eye”, is first and foremost about luxury but more importantly, it is about “spatial complexity”, where simple design elements are interplayed against one another and geometric patterns strategically placed to offer subtle messages that aren’t immediately obvious. The result is a multi-dimensional home that reveals itself gradually as one spends more time in it.

American Luxury Website (USA)

Alexander Wong's World's Best Show House "Golden Eye" is featured in American Luxury Website (USA). 21 January 2016. Show House Design by Alexander Wong Architects

Tatler Homes (Hong Kong)

Golden Eye is featured in Hong Kong's Tatler Homes Issue 4 / Winter 2013, Show House Design by Alexander Wong Architects

Taiwan Interior Design Magazine

Golden Eye & White Windsor are featured in Taiwan Interior Design Magazine March 2014. Show House Design by Alexander Wong Architects

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